Oral hygiene is something that is really important as it goes a long way in deciding how your teeth will fare and how long they will be healthy. Once you lose your permanent teeth you will not be getting them back so there is sufficient cause for you to be alarmed and place more responsibility in taking care of your oral hygiene as much as you would do to look after your face or your hair. Here are some common conditions that can be seen today thanks to poor oral hygiene.

Cavities In Teeth

The first and most common condition that you will be able to see are cavities in teeth. Almost every other person, little children included, have this condition today and it is primarily indicated by a slight pain that is more of a sensitivity. This sensitivity can especially be observed when you eat sugary and acidic food or consume something like a hot cup of tea or an ice cold ice cream. If you do have sensitivity what you need to do is go to the right medical professional so that they can examine your teeth and fill in the cavities so that the deterioration does not progress further.

Decaying Teeth And Root Canal Issues

A step further down from the cavities and even more commonly seen these days is the problem of decaying teeth and painful root canals. When cavities are left unattended to they will begin to erode further progressing gradually to the root canal of the teeth. As the enamel begins to wear off more and more, the pain too will increase until it is no longer something that comes and goes. You will have to go through really bad pain and many people also experience swelling. At this point there will be very little chance that you will be able to fix this situation without getting dental implants. The teeth that may have decayed will need to be removed and replaced or if possible a root canal procedure will need to be done.

Gum Disease

Another very common condition of the oral cavity that can be seen today is the eroding away of gums that hold our teeth in place. Without healthy gums you will not have healthy teeth as there would be nothing there to hold them set up. Gum ailment can be caused by poor oral hygiene for the most part such as brushing too roughly in a manner where the gums are hurt in the process, consuming food items that are harmful to the teeth and gums like too much acidic, spicy and very hot food items. Ignoring the symptoms like bleeding of the gums and not ensuring that you take the vitamins that you need to maintain healthy gums if you have a deficiency can really aggravate the condition and loosen up the gums around the teeth creating little pockets that may then get filled with bacteria because food can get stuck in them. After this happens the gums will deteriorate further and loosen, causing the teeth to become unstable.

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