Taking care of your grandmother can be a huge task if you do not know where to start. Having certain things under control can make it easier for you and her to live in a peaceful environment. You need to be able to go about your daily activities and also make sure that she is taken good care of. Caring for her should not leave you in a position where you have to cut back on too much of our life and your work. Making sure that you set a few things in order beforehand will allow for you to do a better job at taking good care of her. Here are some ideas of what you can do to make things simple.

Take Care of Her Medications

One of the most important things is to know what sort of medicines she uses and what needs to be given to her at what time. If she is able to take them for herself then you don’t have to worry too much. Your duty would be to make sure that all her prescriptions drugs are available to her at the right time. You can employ the service of a qualified pharmacist who will be able to assist you in this. They can even help you by making sure all the medications and delivered to the home in the right time every month or so. You may decide to give them your prescriptions details and they will make sure that you keep receiving the right amount and at the right time. This will make things easier for you and your grandmother.

Timely Meals Provided For Her

Even though you may be busy and you might not be around to prepare meals for her, you have to make sure that she has her meals on time. If she is fit enough to take care of herself and cook, then make some arrangements in the kitchen to help her cook with ease. Older people might need things to be in a more reachable place. You might even want to have the sinks, the stove and other areas adjusted so that she will be able to make use of them without hurting herself. Keep pots and pans within reach for her to take and use them with little or no trouble. If she cannot prepare meals you might want to seek assistance from someone who can come in to prepare meals and take care of her during the day when you are away at work.

Keep the Home Safe and Friendly

Remove obstructive decorative and loose carpets corners out. This way you can prevent her from tripping and having a fall. You will also want to install anti slip mats and shower areas so that she will be able to use the bathroom without any issues. Hand rails should be installed where necessary. If she uses a wheelchair or any other assistive gear you will need to install ramps and other wheel friendly flooring to help her move about freely and safely.

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