Many people do not understand the importance of their overall body wellness. Some do not take any care at all while some might even over do it. But it is important that we all have an understanding of our body’s requirements and help it to function smoothly for a longer period of time.

Main aspects of keeping your body in good condition

In order to live a long, active and happy life, one must understand the following primary needs of the body, thereby making sure that each aspect works at its optimum.

  • Strength of the muscles

Our muscles are important parts of the human body, if they are in good condition that means your movements are effortless and you have much more strength to go on doing an activity for a longer period of time. Muscle capacity looks at the strength, endurance and power they can induce. Managing muscular capacity enables a person have improved strength, increased metabolic rate, more joint strength and have better posture.

  • Respiratory capacity

In medical terms this refers to cardio-respiratory capacity, which is your body’s capability to take in oxygen and circulate it throughout the other cells in the body. This oxygen is then used up to create energy at the most basic cellular level, which is what we use to stay active. In a fitness retreat or an exercise programme this is often referred to as aerobic capacity. Other aspects that are mostly looked at during these sessions can include endurance, strength and power. A person engaging in such physical activity can hope to reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and improve endurance as well.

  • Movement

Being flexible is something we can all use, when your body is in good condition your overall range of movement and motion improves. When the joints are strong and flexible they help you get about freely. Exercising enables to improve posture, movement and also reduces the risk of injury.

  • Composition

Our bodies are not made of one single component; there are many aspects such as muscle, bone, fluids and organs that make up our whole mass. In wellness, trainers will look to have a more fat free mass, which will help to improve your bodily functions, increase metabolism and reduce heart decease.

Secondary components

These aspects are important for our daily functions. You would notice that athletes or professional sportsmen have different levels of fitness; this is mainly due to changes in the secondary components. They may seem like minute things but if you look closely they are associated with our daily abilities to function normally, therefore must not be ignored. Some of these areas include balance, coordination, agility, reaction time and mental capability to name a few.

Although focusing on our body is a primary concern for many, it is not the only aspect that helps us in staying healthy. Therefore one must give equal attention to mental, emotional and social health aspects as well.

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